Bereavement Support

Please call us on 01737 363 222 if you have suffered a loss and would like to talk

CRY was founded in 1995 to help families affected by a young sudden cardiac death (YSCD) and young people suddenly diagnosed with a life threatening condition.

Sudden death syndrome is an umbrella term used to describe the many different causes of cardiac arrest in young people (aged 35 and under). These include cardiomyopathies, coronary artery anomalies, ion channelopathies (such as long QT or Brugada syndrome), myocarditis, Marfan’s syndrome and Wollf-Parkinson-White syndrome (WPW). The exact prevalance for many of these conditions is still not known. Most are due to hereditary disorders, 80% of young sudden cardiac deaths have no prior symptoms.

CRY’s Bereavement Support Programme has been developed to help people with their grief following the unaccountable sudden death from one of these conditions of an apparently fit and healthy young child, sibling, relative or friend.

CRY provides emotional support through a network of volunteers who have suffered the sudden death of a child, sibling or partner in this way. These volunteers have achieved British Association of Counselling (BAC) accreditation with Skills and Theory certification, following two years training, so that they can help others come to terms with their tragedies.

Hundreds of people have contacted CRY wondering if there are others who they could talk to, who have suffered similarly. No matter how much professional support is offered (either medical or therapeutic), sometimes just talking to someone ‘who has been through such an experience’ helps the most.

CRY offers telephone support with our trained bereavement supporters, and also holds bereavement support events.

These Bereavement Support Days are for people who would like to understand more about how to cope with the sudden loss of a young person from an undiagnosed heart condition and would like to meet others in the same position.

National Bereavement Support Days are held in central Birmingham. These are exclusive events held specifically for mums, dads, siblings and partners who have lost a young person due to a sudden cardiac death.

Our largest annual event is CRY’s Heart of London Bridges Walk. The walk is for bereaved families and supporters to raise awareness and funds for CRY, whilst remembering the young people who have died from sudden death syndrome.

For more information about the Bereavement Support Days, please call CRY’s Bereavement Support Programme Manager, on 01737 363222, or email